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Google Chrome 61 vs Mozilla Firefox 55 – Does Chrome Really Have What it Takes?


The two biggest names in the browser industry are Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These two apps are competing against each other on a daily basis and it doesn’t seem like the competition is ever going to stop. Both browsers have different areas in which they shine and today we will compare them against each other using HTML5, Octane and Sunspider.

The reason we chose to compare these two in these three specific categories is because this is the best way to find out which one is the fastest. There are numerous articles which pin these two browsers against each other in terms of features, user interface and different option but no one is looking at their actual speed.

Also, worth mentioning is that this test was done on Windows 10 since this is the most popular PC operating system. Without any further ado, let’s check out which browser wins the tile of being the fastest.


First off, the thumb rule to reading Sunspider ratings is that “lower is better”. Therefore, Google’s Chrome 61 scored 514 points while Mozilla Firefox scored 467 points. This means that Firefox won this round by nine percent over Chrome 61.


This time is a bit different since the browser with the most points is the one that wins the race. Chrome 61 came out of the HTML5 test with 526 points while Mozilla Firefox scored only 475 points. It looks like Chrome is the one who wins this round.


The Octane test was the trickiest one since these browsers came out really close. Chrome 61 scored a whopping amount of 12890 points while Mozilla Firefox scored 12064. From the looks of it, Chrome is the overall winner when it comes to speed. If features and user interface are not taken into consideration, then Google Chrome is without any doubt the better browser.