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Google Calendar Added A New Function To Announce Other That You’re On Vacation


Google Calendar received several features in the recent months. The last one, just in front of the summer, will allow you to indicate the days you will be out of the office, something beneficial to point out to your colleagues that you are on vacation.

Google Calendar already lets you set it up when you’re on vacation

With the latest Gmail design relaunch, Google also focused its attention on the calendar app, further integrating it with the mail app.

However, Google Calendar still has a long way to go on its own, and it’s with this in mind that Google has added a new feature just in time for the summer.

It’s about the possibility of setting the days you’ll be out of the office.

With this new feature, you can indicate when you are on vacation, but also set up an automatic reply message. This way, when you are invited to an event or meeting, it will be automatically rejected, and the response you have written will be sent automatically.

Betting on digital well-being, even on holidays

The idea is that, over time, Google Calendar will be able to determine that you are out of the office using the titles of your events.

To help in this, you will be able to set independent hours for each day, and this will be taken into account to know when you are not working.

Working hours will also be automatically adjusted according to time zones.

At the moment these functions are reaching the users of G-Suite, the professional side of Google apps. However, within two weeks, they will arrive in the rest of the people.

It can be considered part of the push for digital well-being that Google has been doing since it announced Android P. This new feature allows technology to work for you and prevents you from having to go on your mobile when you need to forget about work and all you need is resting.