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Ghost Recon Phantoms gets demised by Ubisoft


Sadly for the fans of this game, Ubisoft recently announced that they will demise Ghost Recon Phantoms. A community manager revealed that GRP (Ghost Recon Phantoms) wasn’t as successful as they would have wished. On top of that, Ubisoft said that the game is now in its final cycle of development. However, they did not show concrete areas where the game is not performing as it should.

The company said that the game was a “tremendous undertaking”, which is why they want to bring the gamers a new take on the franchise. Moreover, they thanked the fans for the moments and fun they all shared together. Ubisoft will be letting their fans continue playing for three months. As such, you can say goodbye forever to Ghost Recon Phantoms on the first of December. Even though the shop found in the game will still be available until that date, you will not be able to buy coins anymore.

This game was initially known as Ghost Recon Online and it is in fact a F2P third-person shooter game that can be played in multiplayer mode. It was in fact a part of the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series and it entered the beta testing phase in 2011.

In 2012 they released a beta version for PC, but the final version received the official launch in April 2014. During all this time, the game had quite a serious community of players that were really interested and spent lots of time playing it. For them, this news are not nice at all.

The game closure will bring with itself the closing down of the GRP official forum. According to Ubisoft’s declarations, they will still keep user data, but they will not share it with third parties. However, if you want to, you can request their customer support to delete your data.


  1. Never buying any UBI games anymore. They destroyed the game and wont even listen to the community and they say they are not having profit. Makes me laugh!
    The only thing they cared about is money and they got it too but they are just done with it since they got all the money they needed.
    Will make sure that no one from the GRP community buys any UBI games in the future.

  2. I’m sorry but this is a stupid decision to shut down this game…so many things I’d love to flame about after reading you’r little notice…but I’ll say this, its a real shame you guys decided on such a bad idea, this game did infact have some real potential, sure my hours are’nt as high as I’d like it to be but I’ve met alot of good friends from all over the world and had some memorable matches, so I say again…this is such a shame and a royal let-down.

  3. p2w games have no right to live, sad that this game owner had to be ubishit

  4. Difficult decision?! Don`t make me laugh you people abandoned this game and are now shutting the game down because the microtransactions dropped a lot.

    UBI you are a fucking dissapointment this game had great potential just like the previous Ghost recon game that I played, if only you people would learn to listen to what the players want and give your games proper support from the devs…

  5. Je sais pas quoi dire…
    Ghost Recon Online était un bon jeu, un excellent jeu. Il avait un potentiel énorme, et aurait put faire un carton dans le domaine de l’e-sport.
    Mais mieux vaux écouter le porte monnaie des joueurs que les joueurs eux-même, hein ?

    Vous avez ruiné le jeu, puis vous l’avez abandonné, pour, enfin, le fermer.

    Si votre but est de voler le Golden Poo Award a EA, continuez comme ça, vous êtes sur la bonne voie.

  6. Ubisoft… Kill your self. All of the recent games you have made have been utter shit and now you are closing down a game just cause people didn,t buy into your microtransaction bullshit that your self laid down on this game. YOU DISGUST ME.

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