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Garmin Adds Support for Deezer to its Fitness Watches


Garmin produces some of the most amazing fitness watches in the world and the only other company that can even compete with it is Fitbit. However, there is one important feature that most Garmin fitness watches lack and that is music!

The only thing related to music that Garmin’s devices feature is access to iHeartReadio which as we all know, is not that versatile. Fortunately, things are about to change since Garmin has announced that its fitness watches will now support Deezer.

Garmin Introduces Deezer

For those who are not familiar with Deezer, this app is basically a better version of Spotify. Garmin has promised that its fitness watches will receive Deezer a couple of months ago and from the looks of it, Garmin is keeping true to its promise.

Streaming Music

The cool thing about Deezer is the fact that it lets users store more than 100 songs on their fitness watch and to make things even better, users will also get the option to sync playlists. However, this is not the best feature that Deezer has to offer.

The Flow Feature

What makes Deezer stand out when compared to the likes of Spotify is its Flow feature. This feature takes into account what type of music the user likes to listen and it creates special playlists tailor-made for them.

Furthermore, Flow will provide users with a special playlist every single day which means that Flow gives users an endless source of music that they like.

How to Get Deezer on Garmin Fitness Watches

Garmin announced that the Deezer app is going to be available through the Concert IQ store. The only thing that users need to do is to download the standalone Deezer app and enjoy the features that it has to offer.