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Galaxy S10 Leak Unveils Innovative “Intelligent Scan” Facial Unlocking Feature


There are many things that separate Samsung from its competitors, but the most important one has to be that Samsung is always looking towards the future. The South Korean tech giant is constantly working on new devices and even though Galaxy Note 9 has yet to launch, Samsung is adding the finishing touches to Galaxy S10.

Removing the Iris Scanner

Even though Samsung wants to use the element of surprise whenever it launches a new smartphone, this is proving to be an impossible task for the tech giant. The internet is buzzing with leaks which unveil important features and details about Samsung’s upcoming smartphones, Galaxy S10 included.

With that being said, the folks at The Bell who is a Korean publication are reporting that Samsung is planning to remove the classic iris scanner from Galaxy S10. This is a highlight feature of Galaxy S9 and Samsung wants to replace it with a special 3D face scanning module which will allow Galaxy S10 owners to unlock their smartphones just by looking at them.

3D Face-Scanning Module

The Bell is saying that Samsung has teamed up with an Israeli firm known as Mantis who is in charge of mass producing the 3D face-scanning module. The Bell also reported that if Mantis is not able to create enough modules until the launch date for Galaxy S10 is a couple of months away, Samsung will go back to the classic iris scanner.

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

The interesting thing about Galaxy S10 is that Samsung is expected to equip the flagship smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner. Seeing how Samsung is instead teaming up with Mantis in order to create 3D facial-scanning modules, we think it’s safe to say that Samsung has given up on the in-display fingerprint scanner.