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Galaxy S10 Leak Confirms Bad News for Samsung Fans


Even though Galaxy Note 9 hit the markets one month ago, Samsung is already looking towards the future. Samsung will celebrate the 10th year anniversary since the first Galaxy S smartphone launched in 2019 and the South Korean based tech giant is expected to commemorate that event by launching Galaxy S10. This handheld device will hold the title of being Samsung’s flagship smartphone in 2019 and therefore, the expectations are set really high.

Rumor has it that Galaxy S10 will ship with a brand-new design that will match the looks of Apple’s iPhone X. Not just that, but Galaxy S10 will also feature a high-end in-display fingerprint reader, something which will give it an edge over iPhone X. On the downside of things, a recent leak has unveiled some bad news for Samsung fans.

The Bad News

The South Korean publication “The Bell” has an impeccable track record of predicting Apple’s every move and its latest report is showing that Samsung will not install 5G support on all Galaxy S10 models. The Bell reports that Samsung is working on a special edition of Galaxy S10 that will feature 5G support and that there will only be two million units of this special edition.

Special Edition Galaxy S10

Network carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile have announced that the next step in smartphone technology is to adopt 5G. However, it seems like Samsung is not that keen to keep up with the latest network connectivity technology and it wants to rely on 4G networks instead.

What no one can figure out is why Samsung has decided to create only two million Galaxy S10 units that will support 5G and not give this feature to everyone? Samsung is probably going to charge a premium for these devices and it might not want to risk scaring customers away.