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Fortnite Season 6 Goes Live – The Famous Battle Royale Is Changing!


After months of waiting, Epic Games has finally released Season 6. Fortnite fans should be pleased to know that they are going to receive a bunch of new features, gameplay changes, bug fixes and lots more other cool stuff. Today we are going to go over the most important changes that the new 6.00 patch brings in order to give Fortnite fans an idea of what to expect from the new season.

New Battle Pass

Since this is a new season, no one should be shocked to find out that Epic Games is introducing a new Battle Pass. This Battle pass is bringing 100 levels and more than 100 new rewards such as cosmetic skins. In addition, the Season 6 Battle Pass is being sold from the in-game store at the price of 950 V-Bucks. Nonetheless, let’s check out what the patch notes that Epic Games released about the new season:

Fortnite Season 6 Changes

  • Shadow Stones
    • Consumable typically found around corrupted areas of the map.
    • Using a Shadow Stone will apply ‘Shadow Form’ for a brief period.
    • While in Shadow Form:
      • Unable to use weapons.
      • Become invisible to enemies when stationary.
        • You become more visible and leave behind a Shadow Trail when moving.
      • Gain increased movement speed, jump height and fall damage immunity.
      • Gain a new ability, Phase, can be activated by pressing the Primary Fire button.
        • Phase: Propels you in the direction you are facing, and allows you to pass through objects.
      • The effect lasts 45 seconds but can be exited early by holding down Alt Fire button (aim down sights).
    • Vaulted Impulse Grenade, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bouncer, and Remote Explosives.
      • All of the weapons/items added to the Vault in patch v6.0 will currently remain available in Playgrounds.
    • Added momentum functionality to Grapplers. When hitting a moving object (vehicle, player), its momentum will be added to your launch force.
      • This only happens when the momentum would be a net gain, you cannot lose momentum.
    • Grappler charges reduced from 15 to 10.
    • Double Barrel damage reduced from 143/150 to 114/120.
    • Reduced Dual Pistol floor loot drop chance from 1.49% to 0.88%.

Bug Fixes

  • Players will no longer be launched with greater force than intended when using the Grappler in a vehicle.
  • Using a Grappler while using a Launchpad will no longer cause inventory functionality issues.
  • The top half of a players model will no longer clip through walls when using the Grappler while crouched.
  • Fixed a visual issue that could cause the plunger to be visible on the Grappler while the projectile is active.
  • Players are no longer prevented from changing equipment when firing the Grappler while switching weapons.
  • Adjusted the timing of the Heavy Sniper reload animation to match more closely to when the bullet is reloaded.
  • Reduced the amount of force applied when shooting a vehicle with a Shotgun.


  • New Locations
    • Floating Island
    • Corrupted Areas
    • Corn Fields
    • Haunted Castle
    • Drop in and find the rest in-game!
  • Custom Controller Bindings
    • Choosing your configuration has changed to a selector on the left side of the menu.
      • After selecting Custom, the right side of the menu becomes buttons that are selectable. When a button is clicked, it opens a list of actions that can be assigned to that button.
      • Mode selection (Combat, Build) has changed to selectable by triggers. When in either Combat or Build mode,  the actions for that mode and the actions that span between modes will appear in the “actions list” to select from.
    • Console – Input-Based Matchmaking
      • Players using a keyboard and mouse on PS4 will now be put into the PC matchmaking pool.
      • Start matchmaking with your preferred input device. You will be queued with the input type you press the “Play” or “Ready” button with.
        • If you start matchmaking with a keyboard and mouse, then you’ll be queued in the PC matchmaking pool. However, you’ll be able to switch to a controller mid-match if you’d like.
        • If you start matchmaking with a controller, then you’ll remain in your platforms normal queue. However, you’ll be unable to switch to a keyboard and mouse mid-match.
      • PC players are unaffected by this change. If you use a controller on PC then you’ll remain in the PC matchmaking queue.
    • Storm Circle Changes
      • Safe Zone 4
        • Wait time reduced from 90 seconds to 80 seconds
        • Shrink time increased from 60 seconds to 70 seconds
      • Safe Zone 5
        • Wait time reduced from 90 seconds to 70 seconds
        • Shrink time increased from 40 seconds to 60 seconds
      • Safe Zone 6
        • Wait time reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds
        • Shrink time increased from 30 seconds to 60
      • Safe Zone 7
        • Wait time reduced from 45 seconds to 20 seconds
        • Shrink time increased from 25 seconds to 50 seconds
        • Radius increased from 1250 to 1650
      • Safe Zone 8
        • Wait time reduced from 30 seconds to 15 seconds
        • Shrink time increased from 25 seconds to 40 seconds
        • Radius increased from 625 to 1090
      • Safe Zone 9
        • Wait time reduced from 30 seconds to 15 seconds
        • Shrink time increased from 25 seconds to 40 seconds
      • Moving Safe Zone circles in the late game now move 50% further from the previous safe zone.
    • Moved the ATK horn to down on the D-pad to allow for autorun.
    • Traps can no longer be placed on wire fences.
    • You can now build through Shopping Carts.

Bug Fixes

  • Increased the precision and frequency of rotation values sent over the network so that changes to other player rotations and aim direction appear to be smoother.
  • Improvements made to prevent players from appearing to have jittery movement, especially during skydiving.
    • Caused by incorrect acceleration values being sent over the network.
    • This was also sometimes causing other players to appear to be using the wrong skydiving animation.


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