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Fortnite Season 6 Features Leak on 4Chan


The Fortnite community has been going crazy ever since a 4chan user made a post in which he claims that he somehow managed to get his hands on every new feature that Epic Games is looking to introduce in Season 6. The leakster says that every feature he listed is legitimate and that he doesn’t want to tell where he got his information from. Therefore, we advise everyone to take this with a grain of salt, but let’s check out what the 4chan leakster revealed about Season 6.

Season 6 Leak

The leakster begun his post by saying that the Enforcers can’t live on the battle island (Fortnite map) and that this is why they sent the infamous cube. The role of the cube is to change the atmosphere of the battle island by creating anti-gravity wells. The leakster goes on to say that the cube will absorb all the water out of Loot Lake in order to make the dome look twice as bigger.

Exploding Cube

The only reason why people believe the post made by the 4chan leakster is because he included a picture of the exploding cube (featured above). This leads us to believe that the leakster might be on to something and that he actually knows what will happen in Season 6. With that said, let’s see some of the map changes that Epic Games is going to introduce in Season 6 according to this latest leak.

Map Changes

  • The Wailing Woods bunker will now be open and transformed into a chicken restaurant;
  • Additional restaurants will open all over the map;
  • The Lonely Lodge is being transformed into a tourist attraction and it will feature canoes, caves and a river;
  • The water of Loot Lake will be absorbed by the black hole caused by the exploding cube.