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Fortnite On Nintendo Switch Might Be Announced During E3 2018


LeakyPandy, a Twitter user who already has correctly predicted some of the announcements of Nintendo, in the past, has decided to share all the rumors and speculations he known of regarding the alleged arrival of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch.

According to the information he collected, Fortnite will actually be released on Nintendo Switch.

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch will include some exclusive features

In general, the Fortnite Battle Royale game on Switch consoles will not differ substantially from other editions but the PvE Save the World mode will include some exclusive features.

He talks about some new in-game content linked to an IP owned by Nintendo, as in the case of the Nintendo Switch editions of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim or Rocket League, and the ability to play locally in co-op by connecting up to 4 consoles simultaneously.

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch to be announced during E3 2018

Also, LeakyPandy says that it is very likely that Nintendo developers will announce the release of the Switch version of Fortnite Battle Royale during E3 2018.

As usual, I ask you to take this information as a rumor and nothing more, as nothing official has yet been released in this regard.

Meanwhile, the community of Fortnite Battle Royale continues to investigate the mysterious comet that appeared in the in-game skies on April 1st. Just yesterday some fragments began to fall on the battleground.

Is the day of the impact getting closer? It would seem so, even judging by an image of Fortnite Season 4 published earlier by Epic Games.

In conclusion, Fortnite on Nintendo Switch could be announced by Nintendo developers during the E3 2018, which will be held in June, between June 12th and 15th. This information was leaked by LeakyPanda who is renowned for his correct predictions in the past. However, you should treat this as a rumor only.