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Fortnite Lonely Lodge Dimensional Bridge Starts to Expand – The Leviathan Might Come Out Of It


Even though Fortnite is one of the world’s most popular game, Fortnite fans have been playing on the same map for a couple of months now. However, it looks like that might change in the upcoming future because a dimensional breach is starting to “eat” things around the map.

As the new season is getting closer, Fortnite fans are speculating that a huge rocket might come and destroy the map, thus giving the developer the perfect opportunity to launch a new map. Well, it looks like players didn’t make the right prediction because Epic Games has recently added a dimensional breach near the Lonely Lodge.

Lonely Lodge Dimensional Bridge

The dimensional bridge can be found outside of Lonely Lodge. At first, players couldn’t even spot it, but a recent update made it shimmer. However, this isn’t the only thing that the latest update did to the Lonely Lodge dimensional breach because it also started “eating” things around the area such as the “Welcome to the Lodge” sign.

The Breach is Expanding

This leads us to believe that the breach is going to expand even further and that it might eat up an entire area, if not the whole map. Knowing that Epic Games loves to keep Fortnite fans confused about what’s coming next, no one should be surprised to find out that the game developer is not releasing any information about the dimensional breach.

However, one of the most plausible speculations regarding the dimensional breach is that as it keeps growing, a huge monster will come out of it. Rumor has it that the monster is going to be called Leviathan and that Fortnite fans will get special challenges that require them to team up with their friends and defeat the Leviathan.