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Fortnite High Stakes Challenges and New Grappler Item are Available Starting Today


Even though most Fortnite fans were sad to hear yesterday that Epic Games is shutting down the servers for maintenance, they should be happy to know that Patch 5.40 has arrived. The new patch introduces a bunch of new challenges that Fortnite fans can complete in order to get additional rewards and XP. Furthermore, the patch rolled out to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Therefore, everyone can start working on completing the new challenges today.

High Stakes Event and New Item

The new challenges are fun, but the most important thing about this latest Patch 5.40 is the fact that it starts the High Stakes event and that it introduces a new in-game item called the Grappler. The new item is a fun toy that creative players can use in order to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies and take them out.

New Challenges

  • Play matches of The Gateway (10) – Rewards 5,000 XP;
  • Deal damage to Jewel-carrying opponents (500) – Rewards a Suited Up spray tag;
  • Pick up a Jewel in different matches of The Gateway (5) – Rewards Cash Flow Skydiving Trail.

How to Unlock Exclusive Crowbar Skin

The cool thing about these new challenges is that they reward players who complete them before the High Stakes event ends with an exclusive Crowbar skin that can’t be purchased.

To make things even better, Epic Games has also added a new Wildcard skin which can be found in the official Fortnite store. The Wildcard skin is available only during the High Stakes event and it can’t be purchased at any other time.

The new challenges don’t seem to be that difficult to complete. Most players will be able to complete them just by regularly playing the game and enjoying the new features that Patch 5.40 brings such as The Gateway matches.


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