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Fix Windows Defender 0x80029c4a Error by Following Our Step by Step Guide


It seems like Microsoft’s latest Fall Creators Update (V1709) for Windows 10 is not flawless. There are many user reports who are complaining about the fact that after updating their operating system, Windows Defender started malfunctioning.

The reports made it clear that the issue happens when users try to check their computer’s scan history and instead of seeing every scan, they receive the following error code “0x80029c4a”.

Windows Defender 0x80029c4a Error Code

After a more in-depth analysis, it seems like this error is affecting people who use the classic (MSASCUI.exe) version of Windows Defender. This issue is already widespread and the developers who are in charge of Windows Defender have been notified of it. However, we are still waiting for them to release a public statement or bug fix.

How to Fix the Error

Luckily, Windows 10 users are not required to wait for the developers to put out a software fix because there’s a workaround for this error. With that said, today we are going to present a step by step guide on how to fix the annoying 0x80029c4a Windows Defender error code.

  1. Head over to the C:\\Program Files\\Windows Defender partition. In order to do this, users can simply press the “Windows Key” and “R” at the same time and then type in the following: “C:\\Program Files\\Windows Defender” and click “Ok”.
  2. Run the “MASCUI.exe” file as administrator by right clicking on it.
  3. All that’s left now is to click on the “View Details” option and a list which contains all the quarantined and allowed items is going to pop up.

Even though this fix works perfectly, we need to mention that it’s just a workaround and that Windows 10 users should keep their eyes peeled for any new updates that Windows Defender’s developers might release. Nonetheless, let’s hope that the bug fix is released quick.