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Five Life-Changing HR Tips for Startups


Startups often lack the resources needed to have an HR professional on staff. However, ensuring that the needs of the people are being managed is especially critical during the first few years of the business, especially since losing a key player can be detrimental to the organization as a whole.

By keeping an HR mindset and adhering to some best practices, startups can take care of their greatest asset and ensure longevity and success. Here are five life-changing HR tips for startups.

Use Employee Scheduling Technology

Scheduling, managing vacation requests, notifying employees of changes, and all the other fun components of making sure people get to work are time-consuming and stressful. For a startup to be successful, they must automate as many of the processes as possible, and scheduling is no exception.

By using a pre-made automated employee scheduling software and platform, business owners can simplify the scheduling process. Advanced technology has brought with it employee management programs that can identify busy times and make recommendations on staffing, send notifications to employees before their shift starts or schedules change and give them the power to submit official vacation or shift change requests without going back and forth with their manager. The cost is well worth the return on investment.

Create a Strong Company Culture

People spend a lot of time at work – often more than they spend with their families. As such, it’s important to work toward building a strong company culture. This means making employees feel excited to come to work, empowering them to make decisions and pursue their goals, and ensuring that everyone who works at the company fits in.

By creating a strong company culture, you essentially create a home away from home for your employees. They will come to not only want to achieve success for themselves but want to see the startup thrive and grow.

Put Policies in Place

Just because you don’t have an HR professional on staff, doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be some policies in place. Having strong HR policies not only protects your people, but they also protect your business by setting clear expectations for behavior and consequences when those expectations are not met.

Not only should you have policies in place, but they should also be readily available to the employees of your startup and even signed as a part of the onboarding process. These policies might pertain to anything from remote working to sexual harassment and everything in between.

Don’t Rush the Recruiting Process

As having a gap in an organization can interrupt productivity and workflow, it can be tempting for startups to rush through the hiring process and get someone who meets the bare necessities. This is a costly mistake that well-established businesses make all the time. As a startup, however, you can’t afford to make that common error.

You don’t just want to find a person to fill a gap, you want the best person for the job. Take the time to find someone who meets the qualifications, has the values and personality to fit into your organizational culture, and someone with the potential to advance themselves and your business.

Know When to Outsource

There are times when juggling tasks is allowable in a startup, and times when it’s essential to spend some money on an outside consultant. Generally speaking, when it comes to HR issues, you should outsource. Have a consultant look over your policies and ensure that everything is in compliance to your local regulations surrounding labor laws. If a dispute arises that can’t be dealt with internally, outsource to an expert.

By viewing your employees as both humans and important assets to the company, their well-being will be at the forefront of your mind. Famous startups like Google are renowned for how they treat their employees. If you want to be the next great success story, start with your people.


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