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Firefox is Getting a Brand-New Logo


Firefox is one of the best web browsers in the world and its brand is recognized everywhere. Despite that, the folks who are in charge of Firefox are looking to change the famous fox-like logo. We should mention that the iconic Firefox logo arrived back in December 2017.

Nonetheless, Mozilla wants to reimagine the Firefox logo in hopes of showing to everyone that Firefox is not a simple browser and that its capable of so much more.

New Firefox Logo

Mozilla announced that the only reason why it wants to change the logo for Firefox is because it hopes to highlight some of the browser’s top features such as easy screenshotting, file sharing and VR utilities. With that being said, Mozilla is preparing not one, but several logos for Firefox which are going to be used accordingly.

Multiple Versions of the Firefox Logo

As we can clearly see in the image posted above, Mozilla has created multiple options for the Firefox logo which are designed from scratch. In addition, this picture was revealed on the official Mozilla Firefox company blog on July 30th.

Mozilla is saying that top icons which can be seen in the image above will be used to represent the Firefox brand. The following models of the Firefox icon will be used to represent other versions of the browser such as the Developer Edition and Firefox Nightly, but not just that. The icons will also be used to highlight singular features that Firefox is known for like Firefox Focus and Firefox Reality for example.

Still Exploring Options

Lastly, Mozilla made it clear that the icons we are seeing on its company blog are not the final version. Therefore, Mozilla is still looking for alternatives and it has yet to decide on what will be the new Firefox logo. However, things are looking good until now and we can rest safe knowing that Mozilla is taking things in the right direction.


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