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Final Version of Android P Preview Rolls Out Today


Google announced that it will start rolling out the last preview version of Android P today. This is great news for Android fans since it means that the upcoming operating system might arrive sooner than expected. Nonetheless, Dave Burke who is Android’s Vice President said that the new update is Android P beta 4 (developer preview 5) and that it will contain all the “final system behaviors”.

Google’s New Gesture-Based Navigation System

Dave Burke’s statement is quite important since it confirms to us that this final version of Android P preview will introduce Google’s recently announced gesture-based navigation system.

Moreover, the gesture-based navigation system is probably going to receive more tweaks during the upcoming future and this is not the final version of it.

Beta Operating System

Even though the final version of Android P preview is coming in the form of beta, Android fans shouldn’t be worried about bugs and software issues. The previous versions of Android P have worked without any problems and we can expect the same from this latest one.

New Features

Android P is going to help smartphones provide users with a better experience since it will contain lots of cool new features. For example, the multitasking function is now going to highlight a preview of each app in order to make it easier for users to choose the one they need.

Another big change that is coming in Android P is affecting the settings menu. Google has given the settings menu a complete makeover to make it look better from a visual standpoint, and it also changed the way “quick shortcuts” look.

These are minor changes, but the public version of Android P is going to ship with many other features which are going to make the Android operating system better than ever.