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Fb.gg Is The New Facebook Gaming Video Hub To Compete With Twitch


Since the beginning of the year, Facebook is working on a solution to face Twitch. It seems that the work of the social network is already paying off because they have just launched their own Facebook gaming video hub, Fb.gg, hoping to dominate this niche of the gaming market.

Fb.gg promises to be a space where all kinds of content can be brought together

From live streaming, gaming-based videos, competitions, conferences, and video game presentations, are some of the features of the new Facebook gaming video hub with which the social network hopes to overcome Twitch.

In the past few weeks, Facebook has already contacted video game content creators, trying to close deals for exclusive retransmissions.

This Facebook gaming video hub also comes with a program called Level Up for starting game streamers, intended to help the content creators to gain followers and make money.

With Fb.gg, Facebook gaming video hub, will directly compete with Twitch

The idea behind Fb.gg is that users will be able to see news about their favorite games or genres directly on this platform.

In this way, they would always be aware of what is happening in the video games market and, in addition, the personalized recommendations of the social network seek to make other platforms highlight the content.

With their own games video hub, Facebook is trying to stand up to Twitch, who is the clear market leader in this sector, for the moment.

But the reality is that they still have a long way to go because, in the case of Twitch, there are 15 million active users and two million streamers.

Thus, the Facebook gaming video hub platform, Fb.gg will have to grow a lot, a fact which might be more difficult at this time with all the issues surrounding Facebook, lately.

Besides, Facebook is losing popularity, as a social network, especially to YouTube.