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Facebook Portal Video Chatting Device to Launch Next Week


Facebook has been rumored to be working on a special video chat device that is dubbed as “Portal”. The device was expected to be unveiled during the annual F8 conference that Facebook held in May, but that didn’t happen. The reason why Facebook decided to delay the release of Portal is because of the entire Cambridge Analytica scandal that made people lose they trust in Facebook and switch to Instagram.

Luckily, it seems like Facebook has fixed most of its PR problems and it’s getting ready to launch Portal. The folks at Cheddar are reporting that Portal is scheduled to make a “surprise” appearance next week and that it will come in two versions.

Facebook Portal Video Chat Device

Cheddar is saying that Portal will be available in two versions. The two devices will feature different sizes and price tags. The small version of Portal will cost somewhere around $300 while the bigger device will be priced at $400. This means that the devices fit in the same price range as most high-end smartphones and that they will have some serious competition to deal with.

Voice Commands

What makes these devices special is the fact that they can be controlled through Voice Commands. The two versions of Portal will support Alexa and they will be able to do things such as display cooking receipts, playing music/videos, news briefs and much more.

AI-Powered Cameras

Another unique feature that Portal will offer is AI-powered wide-angle cameras that are supposedly going to follow users around. Therefore, people will be able to communicate with their friends and family members while walking around the house because the cameras will follow them around.

Privacy Issue

Considering that Facebook has been having some major privacy issues these past few months, the social media giant decided to equip Portal with a physical camera shutter which reassures people that they are not being recorded when the device is turned off.


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