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Facebook Launches Special AI Called “Rosetta” to Understand Memes


Memes are all over the web and Facebook is one of the places that is filled with them. The developers of the social media platform want to make sure that they stay ahead of the curve and get a better understanding of mems and they launched a special AI system called “Rosetta” that helps Facebook understand memes. Facebook announced today that Rosetta is going to be used to identify text within images in order to determine if a meme needs to be flagged for abusive content or not.

Facebook Wants to Understand Memes

What we can take from this is that Facebook is determined to understand memes and that the new Rosetta AI system has been developed for the sole purpose of moderating the content that is being shared over Facebook.

According to Facebook, Rosetta will scan more than one billion images and video frames per day and it will work in different languages at the same time. This is super impressive and it shows us just how much Facebook wants to moderate content.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Even though Facebook has just announced Rosetta today, this technology has been in development since 2015. Rosetta uses OCR technology which first scans an image and detects if any text is placed over it. After figuring out if a text is written over the image, Rosetta will then point the characters and analyze what message is being communicated.

Fighting Against Hate Speech

The biggest problem that Facebook has right now is hate speech. There are many reports which show that Facebook is filled with bots which do nothing other than post hate speech related pictures and messages. The new AI system called Rosetta is going to help Facebook remove a big part of that spam and make Facebook a better place.