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Facebook Launches AR Games for the Messenger App


Multiple reports are showing that Facebook is losing its popularity among teenagers. Not just that, but the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal has caused many people to shut down their Facebook accounts because they were scared that their data is being collected.

Seeing this, Mark Zuckerberg and his team have decided to keep adding new features to the Messenger app in order to give people additional reasons to stay on Facebook and not switch to Instagram or Snapchat.

Competing Against Instagram and Snapchat

Even though Facebook might be competing against Instagram and Snapchat, the latter is the only real competition. Facebook owns Instagram and it doesn’t have any issue with users switching over. However, Snapchat’s innovative camera filters make the app super popular amongst teenagers and Facebook has the perfect answer for that!

New Messenger Update

Facebook has rolled out a new update and it brings AR games for Messenger’s video chat option. This feature is Facebook’s way of responding to Snapchat and we have to admit that it looks quite fun. The new AR Messenger games look really good and they are called “Don’t Smile” and “Asteroids Attack”.

Don’t Smile

The first game that Facebook fans will be able to try in Messenger is called “Don’t Smile” and as you can probably tell, users will be placed in a staring contest against their friends. To make things even more hilarious, the AR camera will exaggerate people’s grin to make them look like The Joker.

Asteroids Attack

“Asteroids Attack” is another multiplayer game where users need to do move their face around in order to navigate a spaceship and avoid hitting rocks. Furthermore, players can also collect laser beam powerups that give them the ability to shoot rocks.

Upcoming AR Games

Facebook announced that Messenger fans are going to receive a bunch of new AR games in the upcoming future and they are called “Beach Bump” and “Kitten Craze” which is a cat matching game.