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Facebook Investigates MyPersonality Third-Party App Which Leaked Private Data Of 3 Million Users


Now it’s the turn of the “MyPersonality” application, a Facebook third-party app that asked users about psychological issues and which has been used by six million people worldwide, half of them using their Facebook accounts.

This came as consequence of the Facebook action of investigating applications on its platform in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal (which compromised data on 87 million users around the world who were then used to influence political processes such as the US presidential election in 2016).

The news was revealed by an investigation of the British New Scientist, where it is said that both Facebook and the UK Government are already investigating this “app”, created by a team associated with the “This is your digital life”, the tool used by the Cambridge Analytica consultancy firm.

“MyPersonality” Facebook third-party app leaked the private data of about 3 million Facebook users

Thus, it was only necessary to register as partners of the project, an action that was undertaken by more than 280 people from 150 different institutions. And they were not only academics but also companies such as Facebook itself, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

The only condition was to remove names and personal data from this information package. In the case of companies, data were “donated” provided that they agreed to follow strict data protection procedures and did not earn money directly from them.

According to New Scientist, the data was as easy to access, as well as finding a username and password, as it was available on the Internet with a simple search.

“This type of data is very powerful and there is a real potential for misuse,” said Chris Sumner of the Online Privacy Foundation.

The UK data monitoring body, the Office of the Information Commissioner, assured New Scientist that it is investigating the matter.

Facebook discovered the leakage of private data after commencing the third-party apps verification process

The platform accused of misusage of the private data it has collected has been active since its creation in 2007 until April 7th of this year when Facebook began controlling third-party apps to check on security issues.

The news coincides with the Facebook announcement that it has blocked a total of 200 “This is your digital life”-like applications which allowed the massive leakage of private data.