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Facebook Camera Gets New Features Shortly


Facebook is finally updating its Stories by rolling out AR doodles and Instagram’s Boomerang to its Camera feature suite. Users will be able to draw on the world the camera sees via 3D drawing.

This will enable you to doodle and scribble on your screen before or while you are recording.

You will get the chance to see what your augmented reality graffiti looks like on various surfaces while you are mobbing your phone.

The Camera’s looping GIF-maker could be replaced

TechCrunch reported that Facebook’s technology lets users’ drawings to wrap around objects such as tables and mailboxes from the real world.

This implementation is not perfect for the moment, and it can only adapt to the object’s contours when it’s placed under optimal lighting conditions, and the technology can be 100% sure what it’s looking at.

TechCrunch also said that Instagram’s feature Boomerang could very well replace the Camera’s looping GIF-maker that Facebook released a while ago. That option was not extremely polished, so it won’t be such a loss anyway.

Facebook is considering allowing creating Stories on PC

Facebooks hopes that this new addition will result in more people posting on Stories directly on Facebook instead of simply cross-posting from Instagram.

But this remains to be seen whether users will be convinced or not. Instagram’s Snapchat’s clone currently boasts more users than the Snapchat itself, but Facebook did not manage to have this performance.

This convinced the social media platform to make Stories available to brands and mix it with Messenger Day which is another feature similar to Snapchat and to consider the possibility of allowing users to create Stories on PC as well.

You can take a look at TechCrunch’s video above to see how the new feature works.