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Eye-Tracking Technology Gets A USB HID Standard Thanks To Tobii


A company famous for its eye-tracking solutions for PC and VR technologies, Tobii, has reported earlier in the day that it has established a revolutionary new USB HID standard for eye-tracking technology.

This technology is winning ground as more and more operating systems producers (Microsoft with it Windows 10, for example) and hardware manufacturers tend to implement this technology in day-by-day gadgets and devices.

Nonetheless, this technology will soon have a broad area of applications, beyond security, as it might be easily included in the research field, also.

The new revolutionary USB HID standard for eye-tracking will improve this technology’s integration within OS

Tobii’s groundbreaking effort is the outcome of a partnership with Microsoft, Intel, and EyeTech DS, and signifies that eye-tracking solutions now play in the same league with devices such as PC mouses, keyboards, and game controllers, as well as with others which made the HID (Hardware Interface Design) applications common.

“At the highest level, this is further confirmation of the growing adoption and critical value that this technology offers for general interactive use on computers, smartphones, headset screens and other devices,” stated Tobii company via its blog.

Additionally, this would enable an enhanced functionality for integration with the OS via an inbuilt interface which would be more reliable for operating system providers and hardware developers, as well, than everything that’s currently on the market.

Eye-tracking technology will enjoy a wider ecosystem, according to Tobii

Eye-tracking compatibility is incorporated within Windows 10, and it is expected that this novel USB HID standard to drive wider acceptance of the eye-tracking technology.

Device builders have the potential to incorporate eye-tracking technology with more confidence that a strong content ecosystem will be available for this technology, according to Tobii, which manufactured a novel eye-tracking USB HID standard in cooperation with Microsoft, Intel, and EyeTech DS.