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Ethereum’s Joseph Lubin Believes That Mass Adoption And A New Crypto Bull Run Might Be Around The Corner


It seems that the future of the cryptosphere is looking pretty bright at least through the eyes of Joseph Lubin.

Joseph Lubin is Ethereum’s co-founder and he says the next crypto market surge is coming and also mass adoption is on its way.

Lubin discussed the issues with Bloomberg and also made sure to address the current bearish trend that has been plaguing the crypto market for quite a while now.

“This is something we’ve seen so many times in the blockchain ecosystem since 2009 when Bitcoin was invented… We’ve seen six big bubbles, each more epic than the previous one. Each of these bubbles is astonishing when they’re happening. But when you look back they seem like little pimples on a chart, really, because the growth has been exponential,” he said.

We continued and explained the fact that each and every one of these bubbles has the advantage of bringing attention into the ecosystem by bringing more developers, investors, money, more prospects for new infrastructures, and more value as well.

He also said that these bubbles trigger an intense surge in activity and this is exactly what we are seeing at the moment as well.

“We feel the exponential increase in activity in our ecosystem. It is overwhelming what’s going on in terms of our different product projects, in terms of new scalability technologies, new teams, and projects, developers that are entering our ecosystem, new large companies that have gotten comfortable with our ecosystem,” Lubin believes.

Mass adoption is coming

If you are wondering where Lubin sees adoption, well he sees it everywhere. He claimed that th4e startup ecosystem is exploding as well and new platforms for sustainable, ethical journalism are being built.

“This is what it feels like to be living in exponential times,” he concluded the interview. The crypto future looks more than appealing.