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Ethereum, NEO, EOS, Qtum, Tron Are Fighting For The Best Decentralized App Platform


Decentralized applications are more than precious to the crypto space.

DApps are software platforms that are not relying on a central authority in order to bring the user and the app together.

DApps are an alternative for the App Store or Google Play in the crypto space

You can also think about this as an alternative to apps on Google Play and the App Store which are relying on third-parties and centralized databases in order to function.

In the crypto space, the applications use data that is decentralized by design.

DApps are often created on top of networks such as the Ethereum, and they can take the form of a simple game such as the CryptoKitties or even a fully-fledged blockchain platform like Augur.

Let’s see which platforms are hosting most DApps.


Ethereum is definitely the leader in the world of DApps.

The website State of the DApps tracks a massive number of decentralized apps on the Ethereum blockchain, and the current number is 1,601.


NEO comes next after Ethereum currently having 58 DApps on its network.

The website ndapp.org is a community-organized website that is tracking the apps, which include AdEx, THEKEY, Trinity and more.


The EOS block producer candidate EOS Tribe put together a handy image of DApps being developed on EOS. It has 32 projects.


Qtum currently has at least 27 DApps on its ecosystem.


Tron is currently trying to convince Ethereum developers to port their projects over to Tron’s new blockchain which was launched on May 31, and it was a total success even if it did not affect the price of TRX.

Right now, Tron has 9 DApps in development.