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Support Encrybit to Build the Best Cryptocurrency Trading Environment


Encrybit prepares to offer one of the most excellent cryptocurrency trading platforms to investors promising to encapsulate the future of exchange. As a result, the Encrybit team is currently analyzing various real-time issues that have the potential of delaying successful trades. In order to get the best results of such a survey, the best thing to do is discuss with the audience.

Encrybit creates its own survey to gather relevant data

Encrybit developed an online survey in order to collect precious traders’ opinions involving the most common security concerns, customer service, order processing, trading analysis, and user experience that have been met in existing exchange platforms.

Encrybit’s survey is set to begin online in mid of April 2018, and it will include various questions to get relevant answers. The survey will remain open for five days, and the Encrybit’s team kindly requests all Crypto lovers to support it by sharing their own experience via the answers that have to be submitted in this survey. Of course, it’s also important to note the fact that all answers will be confidential, so privacy will not be an issue.

Top three participants will be highly rewarded

One of the best things planned by Encrybit is that it will be rewarding the top three participants to show their gratitude. Encrybit team’s expert panel will decide who the winners are based on their answers. There’s no such thing as correct and wrong answers’ all of them are correct from the audience’s personal point of view. The most important thing is gathering relevant, authentic and genuine feedback.

Here’s how the participants will be rewarded: the first position receives 100 XRP, the second one, 75 XRP and the third place gets 50 XRP.

Winners will be announced via Twitter and Telegram channels

In order to stay updated, participants are invited to get connected to Encrybit’s Twitter and Telegram channels. Encrybit wants to show their gratitude to all participants, not only to the first three positions and this is why every participant is entitled to receive the Encrybit Airdrop after the Encrybit ICO Starts.

It’s highly recommended that you participate in this useful online survey because Encrybit’s cryptocurrency exchange platform’s strength depends on the participants’ vision and judgment. All input coming from the participants will primarily be a source of improvement for the platform and will contribute to shaping a more advanced brick to build the new age of cryptocurrency exchange.

The Encrybit team will announce the starting date of their survey on their official Twitter, Medium and Telegram channels, so make sure to stay updated with the latest rules, tips and timeline by following them.

Who is Encrybit?

Encrybit – The future of Exchange, is a cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to be the best out there. ENB is its utility token, and it’s set to be introduced shortly. Encrybit’s aim is to offer the most unique and secure trading platform destined for trading cryptocurrencies. It will follow the required CryptoCurrency Security Standard, and this means reduced risks for security and privacy issues. The platform is set to provide 99.99% safety for its users.

All investors will be able to enjoy marketing benefits and remarkable payback. Encrybit’s goals involve trading cryptocurrency with world-class experience faster and safer than ever before. It’s set to become the first choice for professional traders who demand multi-signature wallet and high-frequency trading, along with the most reliable user experience. Encrybit will support traders with more than 80 advanced tools that assist them. The platform will also introduce social trading, an exciting functionality that allows users to follow the most experienced investors by copying their portfolio and mirroring future adjustments.

Closing words

You can read the Encrybit Announcement to find out more details. Don’t miss Encrybit’s survey because it will allow you to become part of this whole exciting process of building the new era based on cryptocurrency trade and assure its successful rise.