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Easy steps to block pop-ups in Opera web browser


There are plenty of internet web browsers available nowadays. If you are an Opera and Blink engine fan you might want to know how to avoid the pop-ups that keep appearing every time you need to search for something. Especially when using smartphones, users can be bombarded with pop-ups which take over most of their device’s screen.

Features of the Opera web browser

Opera web browser created by Opera Software has built-in tabbed browsing (allowing multiple documents in a single window), a bookmarks bar, download manager and add-ons. It is recommended when only slow internet connections are available since Opera Turbo mode makes web pages load faster.

Steps to block pop-ups in Opera from an Android smartphone:

Step one is to open Opera web browser, and then you need to find and tap the hamburger menu button. You can find the menu button in the bottom-right corner. Afterward, tap the icon in the middle. Once opened, scroll down and find the option: Block pop-ups. It should be under the sub-head Content. Tap on the option and block pop-ups.

Steps to block pop-ups in Opera from an iPhone or iPad:

The first step to do is to open Opera browser. Tap the logo and go to settings. When in settings, turn on the toggle for Block pop-ups Windows.

Steps to block pop-ups in Opera from PCs (Windows, Linux, macOS)

The same first step needs to be taken: open Opera browser. In the left corner, you should find the menu button. Click on the button and go to settings. Once in settings, choose the option Websites (located on the left-hand side). Once the option is opened, go under Pop-ups and click on the option that says: “Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)”.