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E3 Xbox Conference Rundown – Everything You Need to Know and More


Microsoft hosted a dedicated Xbox conference during E3 and that’s where the tech giant decided to unveil a plethora of games that Xbox fans are going to enjoy in the nearby future. Microsoft received lots of criticism for not focusing on exclusive titles like Sony did with God of War, but luckily, Microsoft is looking to compensate for that because it announced eighteen exclusive Xbox titles during E3

With that being said, today we are going to give readers a rundown on everything there is to know about Microsoft’s recent conference and show Xbox fans that they don’t need to switch sides and purchase a PS4 if they want to play awesome games.

Halo Infinite

The first game that Microsoft unveiled was Halo Infinite. The Halo franchise helped Microsoft sell millions of Xbox gaming systems in the past and launching a new title seems to be Microsoft’s way of telling Xbox fans that Sony isn’t the superior game maker. Nonetheless, the new Halo game will feature Master Chief and it will be available on PC and Xbox.

Crackdown 3

Microsoft has been working on Crackdown 3 for a couple of years now and fortunately, Crackdown 3 is nearly ready to launch. The game is scheduled to hit the stores in February 2019 and it will launch on the same day with Gamepass.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

One of the games that got all Xbox fans excited is The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. This is a fun game that is set in the “Life is Strange” universe and Xbox fans will be able to download it for free starting June 26th.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts games are awesome, but they are never released for Xbox. Well, Microsoft is looking to change that because the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the first ever Kingdom Hearts title that runs on Xbox and it will feature brand-new characters such as Wreck It Wralph, Tangled, Frozen, Toy Story and many others.

Forza Horizon 4

Xbox fans should be happy to know that another exclusive title is coming their way! Forza Horizon 4 is scheduled to come out on October 2nd and it will feature new features such as airboats and dirt bikes.

Not just that, but the game will feature dynamic seasons which means that the gameplay will change according to the current season. In addition, the game is set in Britain.

The Division 2

Have you ever wondered how Washington D.C. would look in a post-apocalyptic setting? Well, wonder no more since that is precisely what The Division 2 will have to offer. Just like the first game, players are going to be thrust into a post-apocalyptic world where they need to create teams with their friends and fight for resources.

One of the most interesting thing about the newly unveiled game is that the trailer mentions a civil war. The civil war might be released as DLC once the full game is launched. Moreover, The Division 2 will feature co-op gameplay and it will launch on March 15th, 2019.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a fun game that gives players a chance to see what the life of a pirate was like. The game features cartoonish graphics which are paired with an immersive story and fun game mechanics such as canons, rifles and in-game missions.

Microsoft announced during E3 that Sea of Thieves will receive a new land called Forsaken Shores and that a DLC named Cursed Sails is scheduled to come out in July while a second DLC dubbed Forsaken Shores will launch in September.