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E3 2018: Here’s the Most Anticipated Games that Didn’t Make It


This year’s E3 event was amazing. Lots of exciting titles were unveiled and it looks like 2019 is going to be filled with AAA games. However, some highly anticipated games didn’t make it to E3 for one reason or another. With that being said, today we are going to check out the top five games that weren’t unveiled at E3 and made fans angry.

Mortal Kombat 11

NeherRealm Studios is the game developer in charge of the Mortal Kombat franchise and it previously announced that it’s working on Mortal Kombat 11. Even though the game developer openly talked about the upcoming game during recent interviews, there was no word about Mortal Kombat 11 during E3.

Some people believe that NetherRealm Studios is to blame for this because the game developer doesn’t follow a specific launch pattern. NetherRealm Studios always takes fans by surprise when it announces new games because no one is expecting them.


BioShock: Infinite launched back in 2013 and it’s considered as one of the best games ever made. The reason why gamers love the BioShock franchise so much is because it features immersive storytelling which is paired with fun gameplay. Nonetheless, everyone was expecting Irrational Games to unveil a new first-person shooter that features the BioShock title, but this didn’t happen.

Even though Irrational Games is the company that created all the BioShock titles, the company was restructured back in 2014. Therefore, the reason we didn’t hear any news about a new BioShock title is because the company is done with the franchise.

Borderlands 3

Since we are talking about first-person shooters, then we need to mention Borderlands 3. Gearbox decided to stop focusing on the Borderlands franchise back in 2017 and launched the unique MOBA shooter Battleborn.

However, Battleborn wasn’t successful at all and this caused fans to believe that Gearbox is moving back to Borderlands and working on a new title.

The interesting thing is that Randy Pitchford who is Gearbox’s CEO announced that Borderlands 3 is in development since 2016, but it seems like the game is still in the beta phase. Gearbox didn’t mention anything about Borderlands 3 during E3 and this made fans angry!

Bloodborne 2

People who enjoy challenging games which can’t be finished in one day loved the original Bloodborne. The game was developed by FROM Software who promised that they have something big planned to unveil during E3.

Hearing that FROM Software is planning something big for E3, it should come as no surprise that everyone was sure that Bloodborne 2 is going to be unveiled. Sadly, this wasn’t the case since FROM Software decided to announce a brand-new game called “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”. On the bright side of things, the new game looks fantastic.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

All Final Fantasy games are known for requiring lots of time in the development phase. The reason behind this being that Final Fantasy games are filled with rich details which make the game world feel alive. Final Fantasy 7 Remake was announced by Sony back in 2015 during E3 and this is why everyone hoped that the game will come out during this year’s E3, but as you can probably already tell, the game was kept under wraps.

Sony didn’t unveil any details about Final Fantasy 7 Remake. This caused fans to worry because Square Enix (the studio in charge of the Final Fantasy franchise) loves to announce details about its upcoming games and this didn’t happen during E3. Maybe Sony decided to stop working on Final Fantasy 7 Remake?