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Dropbox’s Mobile Apps Help You Find, Track & Share Files – Here Are The Updates For iOS & Android


Dropbox went public at the beginning of 2018 and over the past month, the company made lots of improvements targeting a vast variety of services.

The latest ones to be enhanced are the Dropbox iOS and Android apps which received a lot of new features today, the company states that they are focused on helping users to stay synced with their teams when they are on the go.

The addition of file activity

This is the first change and it practically allows you to see everyone who has viewed, edited or shared files from your Dropbox.

If someone shared your file, it will also show the exact person who it went to.

This data is already present in the web version of Dropbox, but the company stated that having complete visibility into the file activity on mobile as well as a feature that lots of users have been asking for.

Revamping the comments system

Dropbox is working on the comments system for iOS in order to make viewing and responding a lot easier.

When viewing a file preview, there will be a text box that will show up at the bottom of the screen and typing in there will add a comment to the file rather than having to jump into a separate view only to leave comments.

Dropbox also said that sharing files from mobile will be much clearer and prominent in this update.

Dropbox for iOS has an improved way of browsing

It will be much easier to browse photos and videos. This new gallery view displays files in the same way that you would see them in an app such as Google Photos or the iOS photo app and this will make it easier to search through all of them visually.

Even if these changes are not immense, they will sure make it a lot easier to find the content that you are looking for.