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Get YouTube Videos, Pictures and Songs Directly to Google Drive


The video entertainment world is changing as we speak. Instead of downloading everything, people are encouraged to stream all their shows, images and audio files directly to their Google Drive instead. Although, Google Drive users need to use a special Chrome extension called “Save” in order to do this.

Uploading Data to Google Drive

As everyone surely knows by now, Google Drive makes it quite easy to stream data from a PC. However, things get a little bit more complicated when it comes to streaming data straight from the internet without downloading it first. Fortunately, there is a Chrome extension that makes this whole process a lot easier.

Save YouTube Videos to Google Drive

The first thing that Google Drive users need to do is to install the “Save to Google Drive” Chrome extension. After doing that, users are required to head on to their Google Drive and create a new folder and name it “YouTube Downloads”, or any other name.

From now on, Google Drive users will be able to see the “drive logo” on the top-right side of their browser. Right click on the aforementioned icon and select “Options”. This will open a permission page and that’s where users need to click “Allow” and then select “Change destination folder” and choose the “YouTube Downloads” folder which was created before.

This is where the fun part come in, Google Drive users can head on to the official YouTube website now and search for their favorite video. Copy the video link (URL) and paste it into an app such as “KeepVid” or “TubeMate” which are specially designed to download online videos.

Users need to open one of the aforementioned apps and paste the YouTube URL and select the “Download” button. After doing this, users will be asked what type of resolution they want and they can simply select the one that suits their devices best. After selecting the video resolution, right click on the quality option and select “Save to Google Drive”.