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Download Xender 3.9.1130 APK Update and Share Files Without Any Issues


Does your work require you to share important files such as Word documents with your colleagues? If yes, then you must hate the restrictions between iOS and Android operating systems. Google and Apple made it clear that they don’t want their fans to interact with each other when they made it impossible to share files through Bluetooth connections.

However, there’s a cool workaround that makes it possible for people who use different operating systems to share files between each other, including Microsoft’s Windows OS. This workaround involves downloading and installing an app on your smartphone, but there’s no reason to worry about it since are talking about Xender.


This is the “go to” app for whenever someone needs to share files with their friends or work colleagues. Xender has been developed specially for sharing files and it features a transfer speed that can reach up to 40 Mb/s. This is lighting fast and its 200 times faster than what Bluetooth can offer.

Bug Free

Interested readers should know that Xender can be downloaded straight from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Therefore, Xender is not malicious by any means and it doesn’t pose a threat to any smartphones.

Xender 3.9.1130 APK Update

Talking about bug free apps, the reason why Xender never malfunctions is because its constantly receiving new APK updates. In fact, a new update has been recently published and it brings the app’s version number up to 3.9.1130.

Furthermore, this latest update weighs in at only 7.26MB and its solely focused on fixing bugs. Therefore, people who want to share files, videos, GIFs and pictures should download and install the APK update as soon as possible because it improves Xender’s overall stability.