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Download Vidmate for Windows PC or Laptop and Receive Endless Hours of Entertainment


Nowadays, no one needs cable TV to receive all the entertainment that they want. In fact, cable companies are going bankrupt since Netflix and Amazon Prime are taking all their clients. Things don’t end there since YouTube is also a great video streaming platform that offers endless hours of entertainment ranging from daily vlogs to documentaries.

On the down side though, there is an issue that all these video streaming platforms have in common. They all lack a download button. This can get quite annoying, especially in days when the Wi-Fi randomly crashes and videos aren’t able to buffer. However, there is a solution to this problem.


Vidmate is the app that makes it possible for people to download videos from any streaming platform they want, including YouTube. Even though Vidmate is known for being an Android exclusive app, there is a special trick that will make it run on Windows powered PCs and laptops as well.

Download Vidmate for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and XP

As previously mentioned, this app is exclusive for Android powered smartphones. However, Windows users can receive access to it by downloading an Android emulator program such as BlueStacks.

Once BlueStacks has been downloaded, the only thing that Window users need to do is to download the Vidmate APK and run it through BlueStack’s user interface. After doing that, Vidmate will appear in the PC or laptop’s app library.

Endless Hours of Entertainment

Now that Vidmate is installed, Windows users are going to be able to download their favorite videos from all types of platforms. In addition, people who use Vidmate are never going to worry about needing a Wi-Fi connection to watch videos ever again. Another cool thing that Vidmate can do is to download music videos from YouTube and to convert them to Mp3.

Download available from Windows Store.