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Snaptube for iOS and Helps You Listen to Music and Videos for Free


Unlike other tech manufacturers, Apple doesn’t rely on Google for operating system software updates. Instead of going to Google for help, Apple created iOS. This mobile operating system is one of the main reasons why iPhones and iPads are selling so well.

Although, there is one big downside to using iOS. People don’t have any other option to get music other than to purchase it through Apple’s own iTunes.


Fortunately, this is where Snaptube comes in and saves the day. This is renowned for giving Android fans the ability to download online videos from all types of platforms and its now available for iOS users as well. The app can be found directly on Apple’s official App Store and its free to download.

Download Videos for Offline Viewing

The first thing we need to mention about Snaptube is the fact that it can download videos from YouTube among many other online video streaming platforms.

Therefore, iOS fans who install Snaptube on their devices will be able to watch any show or movie they want while traveling because they can simply download it before leaving the house.

Download Free Music

Obviously, the most annoying thing about downloading songs on iOS operating systems is the price that people need to pay for them. On the bright side, iOS users will not be forced to pay for new music now that Snaptube is here.

As everyone already knows, YouTube is the home to millions of videos including complete music albums that range from classical Beethoven sonatas up to the latest Katy Perry album.

With that said, iOS users can install Snaptube on their devices and download any type of music they want without having to pay a single dime.

Moreover, Snaptube is equipped with a built-in MP3 converter that gives iOS users the ability to download music videos and convert them to simple audio tracks without having to search for a third-party converter.