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How to Not Get Bored Ever Again? Download Online Videos with TubeMate


Everyone hates getting bored while on a long trip on the train or the bus and the worst thing about this is that you can’t really do much about it. The best way to pass up free time is to watch online videos, but as you can probably tell, you will run out of mobile data after watching a couple of videos. Things get even worse since mobile data is quite expensive and in places like Canada network providers give out expensive plans of $65 per month for 6GB of mobile data!

Assuming that the average user has about 10GB of mobile data on their smartphone, watching online videos is not the ideal way of passing up free time. But, what if I told you that you could download those videos while you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and then watch them while offline?

TubeMate Saves the Day

Today we are going to introduce TubeMate which is an app that can download online videos. Not just that, but TubeMate can download videos from websites that don’t allow this to happen. Therefore, TubeMate is not available on the official Google Play Store because the app’s features go against the ToS (terms of services) of websites where online videos are being uploaded to.

How to Not Get Bored Ever Again

If you have a favorite vlogger or content creator that you love watching in your spare time, then you can use TubeMate to download all of his or her latest videos and save them on your smartphone’s internal storage space.

This means that as long as you have TubeMate installed on your smartphone, it will be impossible to get bored again since the internet is filled with lots of cool videos that can be downloaded and then watched offline.


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