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Download iSkysoft iTube Studio 2 for iPhone and iPads with a $20 Discount


There are many apps which provide iOS users with the necessary tools to download any videos they want but none of them are doing as good like iSkysoft iTube Studio 2. This app has been specially developed to work on iOS powered devices such as iPhones, iPads and even iPods. Therefore, iOS fans who are looking for ways to download their favorite videos for offline videos might want to give iSkysoft iTube Studio 2 a try.

iSkysoft iTube Studio 2 $20 Discount

Regarding iSkysoft iTube Studio 2, there couldn’t be a better time for iOS users to purchase it than right now since its available at a $20 discount. Moreover, this discount is going to stay for the entire month of November. With that being said, let’s look at some of the quality features that this app offers and see if it’s worth our attention or not.

Download Videos from Numerous Sources

The first feature that makes iSkysoft iTube Studio 2 worth our time is its ability to download videos from numerous sources. These sources include names such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Metacafe, Yahoo and so on. In addition, these files can be saved directly on a Mac.

Converting Files

Another great feature that iSkysoft iTube Studio 2 is known for is the ability to convert videos in any format. Therefore, Apple fans can download any music video they want and convert it into Mp3 format to include it in their music library. This is amazing, especially when considering that the only way for Apple fans to download music is through iTunes.

FLV Support

Lastly, we need to mention that iSkysoft iTube Studio 2 can convert FLV videos at fast speeds. Therefore, people can use iSkysoft iTube Studio 2 to directly format downloaded videos from their hard drives into MP4, WMW, MOV, AVI and many more others.