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Download Instagram Videos with These Awesome Tools


Instagram is an awesome app that provides people with the necessary tools to share their pictures, videos and thoughts. The app boasts with an enormous active user base of over 800 million which means that there is tons of amazing content on it. The question that remains is how can people download these videos and pictures?

Even though Instagram doesn’t allow users to download content that’s being shared on it, there are a bunch of other programs that will do that. Therefore, today we are going to present the top Instagram converter websites and programs.


This is a website that is dedicated to converting videos from other platforms. SaveClipBro is mainly used to convert and download YouTube songs but it works perfectly with Instagram as well. The best thing about SaveClipBro is the fact that it doesn’t require users to install a third-party program on their computer.

Conversion Tool

Just like the previous entry, Conversion Tool is also a website that excels when it comes to downloading videos from many platforms including Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Not only that, but Conversion Tool is equipped with a user-friendly UI that makes it easy for people to download any video thy want by simply inserting an URL.

Format Package

The developers who are in charge of this program are claiming that the main reason why they created it is because they were tired of having to watching videos online and they wished to download them on their smartphones. This is exactly what anyone who downloads Format Package will be able to do.

We should also mention that Format Package is a desktop program and that it can create backup of DVD movies. Therefore, Format Package doesn’t limit its usage to only downloading Instagram videos.