Home Apps Download Google Docs 1.7.412.06 APK Update for New Features and Improves Stability

Download Google Docs 1.7.412.06 APK Update for New Features and Improves Stability


Google Docs is one of the most useful apps that the Android parent ever made. Using Google Docs, people are enabled to edit or collaborate with their coworkers on new documents straight from their Android powered smartphone or tablet. Basically, the reason why Google Docs is so powerful is because it allows Android users to perform work tasks from their devices.

Google Docs 1.7.412.06 APK Update

Since this app is directly managed by Google, all its updates are first released in APK (android package kit). APKs are great since they allow tech savvy Android fans to get their hands on Google’s latest software patches and bug fixes ahead of everyone else.

Google usually takes its time when it comes to rolling out OTA (over the air) updates to the wide public and luckily APK files are made available for download ahead of time.

New Features

Google loves to include new features in most of its updates and this is what’s happening with this new APK. The update brings Google Docs version number up to 1.7.412.06 and it introduces a handful of new features.

First off, the update introduces a new contextual toolbar streamlines for formatting. This feature enhances the app’s versatility and it adds another tool for users.

Another cool feature that’s being introduced by this update is the refreshed sharing menu. As every Google Docs fan will find out, the refreshed sharing menu will improve the app’s collaboration aspect.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Lastly, Google made sure to equip the update with bug fixes and performance improvements. Therefore, Google Docs will be more reliable, and it will run faster after this update is installed.

However, we need to mention that APK files are required to be manually download and installed. This is what sets them apart from traditional OTA updates.

Google Docs available on Google Play Store.