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Dolby Vision Coming To The Xbox One X And S – Things Get Even Better


Microsoft announced last week that it would add support for the premium Dolby Vision high dynamic range format to its Xbox One X and S consoles.

Now it seems that the news gets even better because the tech giant reveals that the Dolby Vision support will be expanded to cover the consoles’ 4K Blu-ray drives.

Dolby Support for Netflix

Initially, it was only confirmed that Dolby Vision support would be just for streamed sources, specifically Netflix. On the other hand, if DB could be added for streaming, it seems more than likely that it could also be rolled out for more parts of the consoles’ ecosystem.

Now a Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed to CNET that Dolby Vision is expected to be added to Xbox One X and S 4K Blu-ray playback via a further update in the Fall.

Compatibility for discs coming this Fall

“For now, it appears that Dolby Vision will not support 4K discs but a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed compatibility for discs would be rolled out with an update for all users this fall,” reports CNET.

“The update also provides support for Xbox Avatars on the dashboard and improved accessibility options, providing support for Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish and Dutch languages in Narrator. For Australian users, there’s bloody good news too, cobbers! “An Australian version of English” will also be supported,” via CNET.

This really makes sense especially considering that 4K Blu-ray delivers the current last word in AV quality and that Dolby Vision’s extra scene by scene data turned out to be totally capable of boosting the dynamism and sharpness of most 4K Blu-ray discs that it has been applied to.

Regarding Dolby Vision, you’ll need a TV or monitor that’s capable of handling the Dolby Vision format in order to enjoy the extra picture quality that it can bring.

Microsoft still has to confirm whether support for Dolby Vision will also be coming sometime for games as well.

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