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Discord Rivals Valve’s Steam With New Game Store


Discord seems to be moving beyond chatting, and it wants to start selling games as well.

This Thursday, August 9th, the company launched the beta version of its digital game store which will include a curated selection of new and popular hit titles.

The store will be similar to a small bookshop that includes recommendations from employees scribbled on note cards.

In a blog post, Discord stated that  “We think this kind of cozy neighborhood bookshop vibe would be great for games. It reduces clutter and makes it easier to find what you want.”

At the moment, the store will be available only to around 50,000 Canadian players, but the company plans to roll out widely to users later this year. Users will see it as a tab in the home screen.

After this announcement, Discord practically became Valve’s Steam competitor.

Steam also sells PC games, and it recently revamped its chat service.

Discord’s new store could turn out a strong rival for Steam. The company’s chat client is specially designed for gamers, and it managed to raise more than 150 million users already.

On Steam, almost anyone can sell games

The new store will be different from Steam’s, which is now a platform where almost anyone can sell a game.

It seems that Discord’s digital shop will forgo the “anything goes approach” and instead it will focus mainly on offering products that the company is certain that people will enjoy.

The new store will also try to sell indie games exclusively via a “First on Discord” program.

“They’re first on Discord — usually 90 days, and then the developers can sell anywhere else they want. This beta won’t have any First on Discord titles, but we’ll be showing off some soon,” the company said.

For the moment, the store only offers a small collection of games, but they claim they will expand the store over time.


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