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Cryptocurrencies And Music Or How The Rapper CoinDaddy Raised The Bit-Hop


CoinDaddy, actually a rapper, used to activate as a real estate agent until one day when he met cryptocurrencies, more specifically the Bitcoin (BTC). Here is a short story of how CoinDaddy raised the Bit-Hop to another level.

CoinDaddy invested everything in Bitcoin (BTC)

Back in 2013, when he had no clue what the future will reserve for him, he bumped into cryptocurrencies in a bar when a regular guy told him to put everything he had on Bitcoin (BTC).

CoinDaddy accepted the idea and complied, investing all his savings in Bitcoins when 1 BTC was trading at only $300.

4 years later, in 2017, when he checked the BTC price against the USD for the first time in months he was stunned. The Bitcoin (BTC) was trading at above $10,000.

Now, CoinDaddy, a Bitcoin millionaire, is a rapper who brought Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies, in general, into the mainstream, through music.

Cryptocurrencies plus Music equals Bit-Hop – The collision of two worlds which is beneficial for both

CoinDaddy is just an example but, just like him, there are dozens of other artists who sing about cryptos and Bitcoin (BTC), in special.

Just take a look online on YouTube or anywhere you like and you’ll see tons of songs about cryptocurrencies.

What makes artists adopt singing cryptos? Not quite known. It could be the popularity of these modern assets or, also, the fact that many of these have become rich trading Bitcoin (BTC) or similar cryptos, as in the case of CoinDaddy.

But, don’t get too excited, some of these songs are parodies and, some of them, are very low-quality, especially in terms of lyrics. On the other hand, rappers like Gramatik are among those who are good at what they’re doing (Hip-Hop music) but also good at Bit-Hop.

CoinDaddy, on the other hand, is the best example of an ex-regular guy with a regular job which had the guts to put everything on Bitcoin (BTC) and became a Bitcoin millionaire, then a Bit-Hop rapper.