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Crypto Exchange KuCoin Launches Support for Institutional Investors – The Platform Offers A Big Discount


The crypto exchange KuCoin announced that it’s inviting all interested institutional investors who make significant trades to use the platform at a big discount.

Traders who are dealing massive amounts of crypto will be able to apply in order to become an institutional trader online.

After they are approved, qualified investors will receive trading fee discounts as high as 80% for at least 30 days.

“KuCoin Institutional Investor Review – Please complete the KYC process before proceeding. This questionnaire is aimed to determine the fee discounts for our Institutional Investor Program.  A 30-day discount will apply after verification.  Further discounts will be determined by the user’s trading volume during the first 30-day period,” says the form.

KuCoin’s move comes after more other crypto exchanges have been targeting Wall Street money.

KuCoin also announced a couple fo days ago the following:

“Also, do not forget our sponsors are giving away 10,000 ETH as a new promotion & thank you so much for your support. To participate, verify your identity by following Address below👇This opportunity is limited while ETH is remained. Good Luck!”

Coinbase is preparing to launch Coinbase Custody for big investors

Coinbase, for instance, is preparing to launch Coinbase Custody which is a crypto asset storage solution for big investors.

The company is having at least 34 cryptos in mind that it may offer its customers.

Coinbase Custody is one of four products the exchange is launching to bring billions of dollars in new money into the cryptocurrency market.

If you remember, XRP’s fans were quite disappointed a while ago when Coinbase seemed to have ditched any idea of supporting the crypto, but it seems that now things may change.

If you head over to Coinbase’s Medium blog, you will be able to read more details regarding the statement and to see all the cryptos that have been mentioned.

Coinbase also made sure to take all the precautions and let users know that they are not considering these assets for trading.

“Asset additions to Coinbase Custody have no bearing on whether they will be added to other Coinbase products,” Coinbase noted.


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