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Crypto Collectibles Game, World of Ether, Updates Itself to Be Global


World of Ether is now fully available in Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Korean, French, Spanish, and English.

The game announced that all their Medium posts are available in those languages, as well is their main site.

The four existing Medium posts, all now available in the languages, can be found here:

World of Ether: The Vision

Meet Cynthia Williams, the Artist Behind the WoE Monsters

World of Ether: The Road to Launch

The World of Ether Alpha is Now Live!

About World of Ether

World of Ether has been hotly awaited for months.

We just put out an article on how now may be a good time to purchase their presale assets, and there are other articles saying the game is going to be “The Biggest Crypto Game in History.”

World of Ether just released its “Private Alpha” version bringing it into the small club of actual working dApps.

It has also been announced that when the game is launched on the Ethereum Main Net everything will be available in all the above languages, and more.

Presale Eggs

The World of Ether presale asset are “eggs” which hatch into monsters upon release on Ethereum Main Net. Thousands of these eggs have been sold so far, with some of the buyers being well known figures in the crypto space.

The presale has an interesting pricing dynamic as well.

Each egg purchase causes the price of the next egg to rise by .00035 ETH. The first egg was sold at .00035 ETH and the price of an egg is currently up to .6853 ETH.

On launch of Main Net, the price of eggs will shoot up by 15% to ensure that new players are buying from existing players- this means the presale buyers at the beginning.


World of Ether has already been getting press in many different languages (as a quick Twitter search would demonstrate).

This update ensures this press and attention will grow further.