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Crypto Breakthrough: Former SEC Chairman Will Give Keynote Address at Crypto Event


Former SEC Chairman Christopher Cox will be the keynote speaker during the upcoming crypto event in LA. This will be the first time ever when a SEC Chairman speaks at a crypto event.

Cox will address regulation-related issues and also the future of blockchain technology at the future event called “Tokenize the World” hosted by StartEngine Crowdfunding Inc. on October 19th.

Who is Christopher Cox? 

It’s important to note that Cox was the 28th Chairman of the SEC.

Appointed by President George Bush on June 2, 2005, he served until 2009.

Before his appointment at the SEC, Cox was elected to Congress in 1988.

He co-authored the Internet Tax Freedom Act which was signed into law by President Bill Clinton on October 21, 1998.

While he was with the SEC, he introduced more popular improvements that include plain English requirements in reporting documents.

He did this so that average Americans could actually understand the statements that are issued on behalf of mutual funds and more investments.

Another thing worth mentioning is that besides presiding over the SEC during the financial crisis of 2018, one of Cox’s main challenges as a chairman was to navigate revelations that Bernie Madoff was operating the biggest and most important Ponzi scheme in the world’s history.

Most critics accused the agency of doing too little to address complaints and eventually SEC admitted failure and expressed massive regret.

Addressing regulation and the future of blockchain 

Speaking at the StartEngine Summit, which will focus on ICOs, and the tokenization of securities and alternative assets, Cox will address regulation and the future of blockchain technology.

“We are ushering in a new era for ICOs and trading platforms with a former SEC chairman offering an exclusive keynote for the first time,” said Howard Marks, co-founder, and CEO of StartEngine.

“We see the convergence of crypto and SEC regulation as the next evolution in the fast-growing ICO and trading marketplaces. The goal of the StartEngine Summit is to educate the marketplace, bring industry leaders together, and build the future of finance.”


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