Home Finance Cindicator (CND) Price Grows to All-Time High Despite South Korea Controversy

Cindicator (CND) Price Grows to All-Time High Despite South Korea Controversy


The crypto market took a huge nosedive after news came out that South Korea wants to follow in China’s footsteps and impose regulations over crypto trading. However, there were a couple altcoins that survived this terrible market crash and their price actually went up. CND which is the token of Cindicator is one of those altcoins and its price is sitting at an all time high of $0.215996 as of now.

CND Price Grows

While CND’s price might not even be $1, it’s still quite an amazing feat when considering two things. The first is as previously mentioned, the fact that the entire crypto market was riding on a downhill and the second thing would be that CND is quite new to the market, being launched at $0.1 in October 2015.

Cindicator and Binance

This altcoin is functioning on Hybrid Intelligence for Effective Asset Management. The reason why its price skyrocketed was because it was listed a couple of months ago, in December of 2017 to be more exact. We should also mention that CND started trading directly against BTC and Ethereum after it was listed on Binance.

Big Changes

Ever since Cindicator was listed on Binance, the developers who are in charge of it have started making changes in order to improve customer service such as adding around nine thousand new analysts and introducing many updates for the mobile apps which support Cindicator.

Where is Cindicator Available?

The question that everyone has after seeing how fast CND’s price is growing, is where can people buy it from? Well, CND is available on Binance and it can be traded as follows: CND/BTC, CND/ETH and CND/BNB. Moreover, the altcoin is also available on Hitbtc and Mercatox where it can also be traded against BTC, ETC and USD.