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Ccleaner Transformed From A Very Useful Tool Into An “Adware”


Ccleaner turned recently from a handy and essential application into adware, advertising unwanted software that we must avoid at all costs.

Ccleaner 5.44 displays offers and ads to users

A few hours ago, Avast launched a new update of its Windows cleaning and optimization software, the new Ccleaner 5.44.

This new version includes a couple of minimal relevant compatibility changes, but the company has taken the opportunity to add ads in Ccleaner, ads that will remind us, over and over again, that we can pay for the Pro version of this application and that we have a summer discount.

At the moment, these ads are only for the Pro version of Ccleaner, but we will almost certainly start seeing other ads to install Avast at any time, and we will probably even see third-party ads.

How to prevent ads from appearing again and again with the new Ccleaner

Avast is determined to do whatever it takes to monetize Ccleaner, whether it’s adding advertising, collecting user data, or cheating on the installation process to install their antivirus.

Luckily, although we do not have an option to disable this advertising, it is possible to prevent it from appearing if we block all of Ccleaner’s activity in our firewall. In this way, we can use Ccleaner as usually, without advertisements, and also, as it is blocked in the firewall of our computer, we will not be sending personal data about how we use the tool and what for.

It’s clear that Ccleaner has gone over to the dark side, and, unfortunately, the time has come to look for alternatives.

Luckily, recently, we’ve just presented you a very useful and free program to clean, protect, and optimize computers running Windows 10. We’re talking about Tron Script a very small, straightforward, and handy tool that is free and ad-free.