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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies update released soon


Awesome news for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 players! There will be a new Infinite Warfare fact, a new Zombies update released soon and the schedule for this weekend’s PS4 COD World League competition.

Let’s start with the Zombies update, otherwise known as the Descent DLC which is scheduled to launch on the 12 of July. The actual zombie chapter is named Gorod Krovi and it’s set in an alternate reality WW2 Russia where the enemies are different from what we know from history. Furthermore, the Origins characters will be features in the DLC’s four multiplayer maps which are: Empire, Cryogen, Rumble and Berserk. In the game, after the Origin characters escape from Zetsubou No Shima, they find themselves in that WW2 alternate reality where they have to fight against mechanized soldiers and dragons.

As for the Infinite Warfare reveal, apparently, the trailer for the upcoming game is one of the most hated trailers. Before this, the trailer that had this ‘honor’ was the one for Black Ops 2. Even so, a survey done in 2015 showed that approximately 12 million people were active Black Ops Players which just goes to show that even though fans might really hate the trailer, it doesn’t mean that they won’t play the game.

The bad reaction to the Black Ops 2 trailer was due to the fact that the franchise had changed it’s setting to a more futurist one. However, it quickly became the most successful game in the series.

If you’re a true COD fan, don’t make any plans for this weekend and instead go to the COD world League where 16 European teams are competing for $20.000 either as Pro teams or as amateur teams.

Don’t worry about actually attending it physically, because that won’t be necessary. There will be a live broadcast for everybody to see and you can check out the broadcast schedules for different timezones on the official site.