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Bulleon (BLN) is the Project that Revolutionizes the Financial World


The blockchain technology currently covers various industries especially the financial one. A mix of technology, security and information eventually led to the development of all kinds of advantages and opportunities which resulted in blockchain revolutionizing the whole world. The Bulleon platform is based on this type of technology, and it brings along a futuristic financial system that’s worthwhile analyzing.

How does Bulleon revolutionize financial transactions?

Bullion or BLN’s main target is to become a clear, user-friendly and safe universal digital asset service concept. The platform is designed so that it serves the most common asset-related commercial values and e-services as well. BLN’s purpose is to offer users services related to everyday digital asset services from just one place in order to make online business much more manageable. Practically BLN aims to become a universal digital asset platform that builds a robust currency to offer high profits and numerous advantages.

Bulleon’s key features & benefits

  • You will be able to log into the platform using a biometric fingerprint; you will also use a biometric hardware wallet.
  • The biometric data will be encrypted and digitally signed via the 256-bit AES technology for increased security.
  • This independent cryptocurrency trading platform will be user-friendly, and it will have affiliate services programs.
  • You will get to use an international debit card for ATM withdrawals, and you’ll get the chance to make online and offline shopping via a mobile app.
  • Cloud mining will allow you to buy mining power with instant activation and without any risks of hardware failure.
  • ICO consulting experts will analyze ICO projects to position Bulleon in the future market.

The main advantages of BLN are the following:

  • The platform is an all-in-one financial services and asset.
  • It has a shareholder’s certificate, and it provides voting rights.
  • You will be able to enjoy the right to receive dividends from BLN’s operating income for shareowners.
  • There are FIAT loans involved in the process of cryptocurrency assets.

Token sale & distribution

Bulleon’s utility token is based on the smart contract ERC-20 of Ethereum network. There is a limited number of emitted BLN tokens, and we are referring to a total of 9,500,000. The ICO is set to start at phase one in the first quarter of 2018. It’s also important to note that the stages will not be time-constrained like in other services and after a phase sells out, the next stage will start automatically. There are 12 phases involved in the process, and each of them will contain 760,000 BLN that will come at a fixed price. The purchase methods accepted will include Ethereum (ETH), US Dollar (USD) and of course, other cryptocurrencies. The rates will vary depending on the phases, and the token’s value will keep increasing after each stage is completed.

The token’s distribution is the following: 96% will be offered for purchase, 2% will be offered for the bounty program, 1% will be offered for the airdrop program, and another 1% will go to the founders. You can find all the complete set of details, features, and advantages of Bulleon on the platform’s BLN whitepaper that provides in-depth information about the system and answers to all your questions.

Closing words

The Bulleon platform will contain most of the financial services in a single place, and this is the most important advantage that comes along with the latest changes brought by future technologies. The world as we know it is about to change thanks to the blockchain, and the best thing that you can do is go with the flow and enter the futuristic financial model proposed by this ingenious platform called Bulleon.

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