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Blockchain Smartphones Will Hit The Market This Year


We will probably see blockchain smartphones hitting the markets by the end of the year.

This is set to happen when the startup Sirin Labs kicks off its new Finney which is a sleek mobile device that’s going to be priced at $1,000. Its dual-screen design introduces safe-screen for the world’s first mass-market blockchain smartphone.

Spokesperson Lionel Messi will promote the device to crypto enthusiasts when it is launched in November.

Main features of the Finney phone

The Finney device will feature a standalone screen running on dedicated firmware for secure wallet transactions.

The operating system, Sirin OS, is a Google-certified “fork” of Android, and it will feature an embedded cold storage wallet for top cryptos and tokens along with a multi-layered cybersecurity suite, a DApps store and a token conversion service (TCS) that allows users to purchase decentralized applications within the Sirin Labs DApps store.

Sirin Labs is placing the device into the hands of giant manufacturer Foxconn, the producer of iPhone, and it promised top-notch attention to detail. The device will solve an issue that has been concerning crypto lovers – security.

The Safe Screen is precisely designed for a built-in cold wallet that will protect the users’ crypto against all kinds of malicious attacks.

The cold wallet is activated by a sliding screen just for crypto transactions and allows users to carry around whatever amount of crypto they may need to spend on the go.

The device is named after Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney, and the new blockchain phone aims to handle the challenge of storing, carrying and transactioning cryptos and making in-store DApps purchases straight from the mobile device.

HTC, to launch the HTC Exodus 

HTC is also planning to launch the HTC Exodus, a blockchain smartphone that will also have a cold storage wallet. There’s no firm sale date or price yet, but you can sign up for alerts here.

Exodus will allow users to recover lost keys and revolutionize the Internet via decentralization, interoperability among blockchains and tokenization.

“Every phone is a node,” according to the company.

“Providing more nodes on the path to true decentralization – we want to double and triple the number of nodes of Ethereum and Bitcoin.”

As you can see, things are looking more than promising.

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