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Bixby 2.0 May Be A Reason To Avoid Buying Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9


All eyes will definitely be on the Galaxy Note 9 at Samsung’s next launch event, but Forbes reports that Bixby 2.0 is likely to debut in a smart speaker which may actually cause damage to the sales potential.

Bixby aims to be a competitor for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

So far, it has been a disaster, according to Forbes. This is because if we compare Bixby to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and even to Siri, Bixby is unfortunately outclassed.

“Bixby voice only shines in the areas where Samsung has given it special access to hardware that competitors do not have. Outside of this area, Bixby is a third-rate experience that is unlikely to generate much traction especially as the vastly superior Google Assistant is just a button press away,” writes Forbes.

Samsung even had to resort to hobbling Google Assistant’s features in order to give Bixby a chance.

This would be enough to convince users to give it a try but after they realized how bad it is they will go back to Google Assistant.

User experience is a disaster 

“In fact, the user experience is so bad that Bixby is more of an annoyance to Samsung users and is rapidly becoming a reason not to buy a Samsung device,” Forbes highlights.

The negative feedback doesn’t seem to be enough to stop Samsung as the company is investing even more money, hiring more engineers and opening more research centers that haven’t been able to deliver too much.

The tech giant is also planning to place its AI into every consumer electronic product that it’s making and this could trigger damage in categories where Samsung does not have the same dominance as it does in its handsets.

Unless the company comes up with a massive improvement that will result in an assistant that’s completely different, Bixby will continue to have a negative overall brand value for Samsung.


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