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Bittrex Exchange Will Take Bitcoin Cash And More Cryptos Offline A Few Hours On June 20


Bittrex is one of the world’s leading crypto exchange platforms.

The scale of Bittrex’s size and dominance is impressive and it’s also worth noting that it supports more than 300 cryptos and trading pairs.

So, it’s totally understandable why the exchange is considered one of the biggest one in the world.

Bitcoin Cash goes offline tomorrow 

The platform’s latest announcement is very important for the crypto space.

In a recent post on the Bittrex website, Julian Yap, who is a member of the Bittrex team has posted crucial data regarding a few upgrades that will be made to the service this Wednesday (20th June 2018).

Bittrex seems to be working on rebranding and ticker symbol changes for Bitcoin Cash, Legends, and Bitswift. As a result of these changes, Bitcoin Cash, Legends and Bitswift will be temporarily taken offline.

“Bittrex will need to take the BCC, LGD and SWIFT markets offline for at least three hours. If we encounter unexpected technical challenges, the markets will remain offline until we address those issues. During this renaming process all orders, pending deposits and withdrawals will be canceled. All modified assets will be shown as the new names and tickers once the change is complete,” Yap’s post began.

“Customers that use Bittrex APIs will need to change the ‘market’ and ‘wallet’ parameters from the old tickers to the new tickers after the renaming process is finished. In addition, customers should be aware that this type of action causes a ‘price rediscovery’ event, which may lead to a price adjustment,” the post says.

Make your transactions before or after the upgrade 

Customers are advised to cancel any orders and pending deposits and withdrawals that they have in-progress on June 20.

There’s nothing more to worry because Bittrex will be prepared to make sure that the whole thing happens in the most efficient manner possible. The team will only take the cryptos down for about three hours and you should either do the transactions involving them before or after the upgrade.